LOG-File of significant amendments and corrections since version 3.4.1

6.5.2(1.12.2023) Correction:    Crane wheel loads of single girder suspension cranes

6.5.1 (28.11.2023) Correction:    Start of new projects

6.4.8/9 (23.11.2023) Correction:    Start of new single-girder suspension cranes and corrections of crane span

6.4.7 (29.10.2023) NEW:    Endcarriage connection with bolts and threads in plate of end carriage. New: check of lateral-torsional stability

6.4.6 (12.9.2023) NEW:    Crossmember at cantilevers of double girder suspension cranes and input of girder height position of single girder cranes

6.4.3/4/5 (22.8.2023) NEW: Optimization of box girders for bridge crane with underflange crabs

6.4.2 (4.7.2023) NEW: Check of space between crab wheels and inclined web plate of box girder.   Correction: cantilever crabs with negative L7 and L9

6.4.1 (2.7.2023) NEW: Box girder for cantilever crabs reinforced with 1/2 H-Profile below crab rail. Correction:   Crane runway loads for cranes with top mountef cantilever crabs

6.3.9 (20.6.2023) Correction:   Double girder cranes: Functionality in case of heavy load lifting attachments

6.3.6/7/8 (6.6.2023) NEW:   Double girder cranes: bridge cross section with 1/2-Profile below crab rail and Data base: Double girder crab: direct input of wheel loads

6.3.4/5 (14.4.2023) Correction:   Input of end carriage connection for connection type C

6.3.3 (26.3.2023) NEW:   Output of shear center for all bridge girder cross sections

6.3.2 (22.3.2023) Correction:    Cross section input for cantelever crab crane and NEW:   Output of shear center for single girder cross sections

6.3.1 (21.3.2023) Correction:    Crab wheel loads of double girder suspension crabs

6.3.0 (16.3.2023) Correction:    Wheel loads of double girder suspension crane

6.2.7/8/9 (14.3.2023) NEW:    Box girder with reinforcing 1/2 H-Profile below crab rail (only in OnlyCross-Section tool)

6.2.6 (26.2.2023) NEW:    Proof of bolt slipping optional (due to form fit of end carriage connection)

6.2.5 (21.2.2023) NEW:    Crab rails A-Type

6.2.4 (10.2.2023) NEW:    Double girder cranes with underflange crabs

6.2.3 (1.2.2023) Correction:    Guide rollers behind crane wheels

6.2.2 (10.1.2023) NEW:    Welded end carriage connection and Correction:    Functionality

6.2.1 (28.12.2022) Correction:    Cranes with 3 crabs

6.1.9 (14.12.2022) Correction:    End carriage boxgirder type below suspension crane runway

6.1.8 (11.12.2022) Correction:    Presentation of results of end carr. connections

6.1.6/7 (3.12.2022) Correction:    Locale France enabled

6.1.5 (26.11.2022) Correction:    Pictorial representation of wheel loads of 8-wheel cranes

6.1.4 (15.11.2022) NEW:    Asymmetric end carriages of single girder cranes

6.1.3 (25.10.2022) NEW:   Data base: Output overview of buffers and drives

6.1.1/2 (30.9.2022) Correction:   Double girder suspension cranes enabled

5.9.6 (26.9.2022) Correction:   Double Girder Crane Output Crane wheels static proof

5.9.5 (18.9.2022) NEW:   Double girder suspension cranes: fatigue

5.9.4 (9.9.2022) NEW:   Double girder suspension cranes (yet without fatigue and girder optimization)

5.9.3 (21.7.2022) NEW:   Different buffer stops per crane side

5.9.2 (28.6.2022) Correction:    Proof of crab wheels for double girder crane

5.9.1 (1.6.2022) Correction:    Run way loads for double girder cranes with H-profile girders

5.8.9 (13.5.2022) Correction:    Data base on network server

5.8.6/7/8 (10.5.2022) Correction:    Enabeling regional settings (locale) UK

5.8.4/5 (5.5.2022) Correction:    Double girder crane: Secondary stress for box girder with rail in middle of top flange

5.8.3 (27.4.2022) Correction:    Proofs for Box girder with underslung H-Profile

5.8.2 (25.4.2022) Correction:    Database: Output of end carriage connection data on Printer

5.7.9/5.8.1 (19.4.2022) NEW:    For single girder cranes: Box girder with underslung H-Profile

5.7.8 (31.3.2022) Correction:    Database processing of end carriages with hand hole

5.7.7 (29.3.2022) Correction:    Check of delta_F values of crabs

5.7.6 (24.3.2022) New:    Check of compatibility of end carriage to connection and output of deviation of required stiffness of stiffner

5.7.5 (23.3.2022) Correction:    Data base: Output of crab data and output of end carriage connection

5.7.3/4 (23.3.2022) New:    Single girder crane: Proofs for crab wheels

5.7.2 (14.2.2022) Correction:    Double girder crane: End carriage connection with 2 bolt columns

5.7.1 (8.2.2022) Corrections:    Weld thickness in end carriages und crab rail width

5.6.9/10 (7.2.2022) Correction:    Info about expired licence

5.6.7/8 (27.1.2022) NEW:    Tools for copying projects from external sources

5.6.5/6 (30.12.2021) NEW:    Proof of wheels of double girder crabs

5.6.3/4 (13.11.2021) NEW:    Distance of guide rollers in picture of double girder crabs

5.6.1/2 (10.11.2021) NEW:    All crane types: Table of transport data

5.5.9 (4.11.2021) NEW:    Single girder cranes: Table of transport data

5.5.8 (28.10.2021) Correction:    Double girder crane with girders on top of end carriages: Crane rail loads

5.5.6/7 (27.10.2021) Correction:    Data input for guide rollers

5.5.3/4/5 (18.10.2021) NEW:   All crane types: All proofs for crane guide rollers

5.5.2 (1.9.2021) NEW:   All crane types: Proof of fatigue strength of wheel/rail contacts

5.5.1 (7.7.2021) Correction:   Crane wheels Data output

5.4.8/9 (1.7.2021) Correction:   Data base end carriage presentation

5.4.7 (11.6.2021) NEW:   Double girder: static proof for crane wheels

5.4.4/5/6 (1.6.2021) NEW:   Single girder: static proof for crane wheels

5.4.3 (11.5.2021) Correction:   Single girder functionality

5.4.2 (1.5.2021) NEW:   Buffer stop variable, output of hook approach under crane runway loads

5.4.1 (28.4.2021) NEW:   End carraiges with H-profiles and wheel blocks

5.3.1/2/3 (13.4.2021) NEW:   Runway wheel loads acc. EN1991-3

5.2.3/4 (24.3.2021) NEW:   Wheel-Rail contact (EN13001-3-3)

5.2.1/2 (6.3.2021) NEW:   Cantilever crab and crane for crab support under upper-flange

5.1.7/8 (25.2.2021) Correction:   Single girder cranes flange bending

5.1.4/5/6 (11.2.2021) Correction:   Bolts in suspension cranes and functionality

5.1.3 (2.2.2021) Correction:   Single girder cranes selection of printers

5.1.2 (26.1.2021) Correction:   Cantilever crab crane Load cases

5.1.1 (17.1.2021) NEW:   Cantilever crab crane complete

4.1.9 (25.11.2020) Correction:   Single girder crossection material

4.1.8 (19.11.2020) Correction:   Suspension crane functionality

4.1.7 (16.11.2020) Correction:   Single girder end carriage

4.1.6 (11.11.2020) Correction:   Single girder bolt connection

4.1.4/5 (30.9.2020) Correction:   Crane runway loads

4.1.3 (25.9.2020) Correction:   Cross sections for end carriages

4.1.2 (12.9.2020) NEW:   Cross sections for cantilever cranes

4.1.2 (12.9.2020) Correction:   Crane runway loads


3.4.15 (21.7.2020) Correction:   Data base: end carriage connection B

3.4.14 (22.6.2020) Correction:   Data base: end carriage plate thickness

3.4.12/13 (14.6.2020) Correction:   Single-girder bridge crane with guide rollers

3.4.11 (10.6.2020) Correction:   Crane runway loads

3.4.10 (25.5.2020) Correction:   Crane runway loads (run time error)

3.4.9 (30.4.2020) Correction:   Copying from data base (drives)

3.4.8 (23.4.2020) Correction:   End carriage connection type B

3.4.7 (15.4.2020) Correction:   Functionality single girder crane

3.4.6 (2.4.2020) Correction:   Bolt forces for end carriage connection A

3.4.5 (27.3.2020) Correction:   Crane runway loads: Single girder crane: Deadweight of bridge

3.4.4 (22.3.2020) Correction:   Proof of static strength for connection type B

3.4.4 (22.3.2020) Correction:   Copy of end carriage connection

3.4.4 (22.3.2020) NEW:   H-Profile with narrow underflange for single-girder projects

3.4.3 (15.3.2020) Correction:   Fatigue: sm-value of S3

3.4.3 (15.3.2020) NEW:   Fatigue: Display of catalogue number of EN13001-3.1

3.4.3 (15.3.2020) NEW:   Functionality: Display of relative deflection

3.4.2 (5.3.2020) Correction:   Proof of fatigue strength for bolts in end carriage connections.

3.4.2 (5.3.2020) Correction:   English texts improved.

3.4.2 (5.3.2020) NEW:   End carriage connections with two columns of bolts.

3.4.1 (8.2.2020) NEW:   H-Profile with narrow underflange and split webplate (at present available only in module "Cross sections only")

3.4.1 (8.2.2020) NEW:   Double-girder bridge crane with 8 wheels and couple plate or hinged beam between end carriages.