Licence and licence purchase

Licence fee (net price as of 2022):

  For one computer and 1 year:         500 Euro

  For further computer and 1 year:    300 Euro

  For one computer and 3 months:    175 Euro

Licence purchase and extension:

  1. Order per Mail to

      specifying your name and address and the LICENCEKEY of the computer to which the licence should apply.

      (LICENCEKEY can be found after installation of EN-KRAN downright in the start window. Best to copy by screenshot.)

  2. It will be answered with an invoice (PDF).

  3. After payment of the licence fee to the account stated on the invoice, the LICENSE PASSWORD will be sent by e-mail.

  4. Enter the LICENSE PASSWORD below the licence key in the corresponding field. It is best to copy from the received mail, because exact spelling is required.